End It For Good
End It For Good
End Our Criminal Approach To Drugs So Our Communities Can Thrive

End Our Criminal Approach To Drugs So Our Communities Can Thrive


Decrease harm.
Help people thrive.

We’ve waged a War on Drugs through the criminal justice system for decades, but drug harms have only increased and millions of lives have been lost or destroyed. The criminal justice system is the wrong tool for complex health issues like drug use and addiction. There is a better way. By ending our criminal approach to drugs, we can decrease harm and help more people improve their lives.


About the organization

End It For Good focuses its work in Mississippi and was started with a book discussion and a passion for change..

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End It For Good releases a new podcast episode each week, speaking with experts in the world of prison and drug reform and similar topics.

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We regularly update our “resources” page with articles, books, organizations and videos taking a closer look at the topics related to our mission.

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Many people are unaware of how drug prohibition negatively affects us and increases crime in our communities. At End It For Good, we invite people to learn, ask questions, and engage in the movement to end our criminal approach to drugs and shift to a evidence-based healthcare approach.